Tuesday Trend Alert: the African fabric

I’m starting a new segment on the blog. I’m calling it Tuesday Trend Alert (#TTA)! First featured trend: the African Fabric.

Whether you call it Ankara, Gitenge, or simply the African fabric, this clothing style typically associated with African culture has seen an explosion in popularity in the last couple of years. Once worn predomenently in villages or as traditional attire only, the African fabric has been given a modern twist as young fashionistas and fashionistos have incorporated the vibrant fabric into their wardrobes. High fashion brands like Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Eley Kishimoto, Jean Paul Gaultier, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dries van Noten, and Kenzo to name a few have also taken notice, creating high fashion looks with the price tag to match. 


Celebrities are also getting into the trend. From BeyoncĂ© to Gwen Stefani, plenty of entertainers have been spotted in their colorful African inspired threads. 


I believe the African fabric or Ankara has grown in popularity because of the vibrancy of colors, prints and versatility of the fabric. I of course love this trend. I grew up seeing it worn by my mother, aunties and grandmothers. I don’t believe you can have enough African prints in your wardrobe! This is a trend that is here to stay

Do you own any clothing made with African fabrics, and why do you think it has become so popular? Comment below.


Mirror mirror on the wall 

As I was getting ready to go to the gym this morning (operation summer body is in full effect!), I was searching for my favorite pair of yoga pants that gives me the perfect ass ( ladies am I the only one? Comment below your favorite brand of workout clothes). Checking my outfit in the mirror, I had a flash back to a time when just the thought of the gym made me anxious and wearing a tank top was out of the question. I didn’t love my body, I didn’t value it for more than what it looked like. I could not appreciate this body because the cultural and social messages that I was constantly bombarded with had taught me not to. The more I thrived to lose weight, the more it consumed me to the point where the number on the scale dictated my mood. It became a vicious cycle that I couldn’t break for many years. 

It took me a while to realize that the only thing stopping me from doing the things I enjoyed to do was my own incomplete perception of beauty. I was convinced that the perfect body would give me the happiness that I was searching for. But in reality, the only thing that was stopping me from being happy was fear. 

I started rediscovering beauty in the things that made me feel alive. I found joy in accomplishing my goals, and expressing myself in different ways. Now I not only love myself on the inside, I love these curves too. 

So as I rush out the door on my way to a Saturday morning yoga session, I am at peace with the woman in the mirror and there’s no greater feeling.

And in the spirit of fearlessness, I entered my second model search competition. I’m auditioning to be the next AdditionElle model and I would love your support! Click this link and vote for me: http://bit.ly/2mi6IUy

A bit of an emotional morning, I hope you don’t mind my sharing with you, loves. 

Outfit details:

  • Bra and pants: Torrid
  • Jacket and kicks: Fabletics 

And if you’re still reading you get a gift ( jk I can’t afford gifts) 
Have an amazing weekend dolls and gents 😘